rovingmedic Rovingmedic Shaun Ross, enjoys getting out and exploring the world. This is where he reports on his adventures.
Al Khor, Qatar
Quest for the Antarctic Circle My mother and I will be travelling together to Ushuaia where we will board the MV Expedition on a cruise of a lifetime. We will be crossing the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula. We will then head south towards the Antarctic Circle while huging the west coast of the peninsula, making landfall at various points... 3/7/2013 ~ 3/25/2013
B2B 2012 We took part in an epic adventure that was driven by a serious humanitarian quest to help others less fortunate than ourselves. This is the story about our participation in the Budapest to Bamako 2012, the great African run! 1/10/2012 ~ 2/3/2012
B2B Prep 3 Qatar National Day Celebrations - Gadget Test Ongoing configuration testing and gadget testing Reporting on other preparation activities 12/18/2011 ~ 1/9/2012
B2B Prep2 Reports from the field as we cdid a tour of Qatarin a day. Part of the testing and preparation for our participation in the B2B2012 that starts in Budapest on 14 January 2012. 12/15/2011 ~ 12/18/2011
Out & About in Qatar News about our weekly forays into the desert of Qatar
B2B Prep 1 We did a tour of Qatar in preparation for our the B2B 2012. We covered 440km in total with 96km being off road. 12/9/2011 ~ 12/9/2011